Instagram now has a short-form video feature similar to TikTok called Instagram Reels, within the latest version of the Instagram app.
You’re going to want your songs to be there so people can record 15-second “Reels” set to your music.
If we’ve already delivered your music to Instagram for use in Stories, it will be available in Instagram Reels automatically. If not, please contact us to enable delivery to Facebook and Instagram for your back-catalogue and/or make sure to enable the delivery to Facebook and Instagram when you create your release.
The content you’ll see on Instagram Reels is a lot like stuff on TikTok (think dance contests, lip-syncing, pranks, tutorials, and unique 15-second music videos), and the video creation tools are similar to TikTok too.
For the first time on Instagram, with Reels your content can be “unconnected”: reaching beyond your existing followers to hundreds of millions of Instagram users, based solely on engagement.

Thus, “user-generated content” on Instagram (the term for videos other people create using your music), can reach new fans via the same algorithmic processes. All your Reels content will link back to your music catalog or Instagram profile!
Also make sure you create your own visual content for Instagram as well using this feature!