How to submit your own podcast

Podcast are becoming bigger and bigger, so we decided to help you join the trend. Below are instructions how to submit your podcast to the biggest platforms. As podcast popularity is growing we will add instructions for other relevant platforms.
Method: DIY
1. Verify if your podcast meets Spotify's requirements
2. Create a Spotify account
3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
4. Enter your RSS feed link. you will find this on your podcast hosting platform (e.g. Anchor FM or Acast)
5. Verify you own the podcast
6. Enter details about your podcast
7. Review and submit your podcast
Method: DIY
Portal: https://podcastsconnect.aMethod:
1.Verify if your podcast meets Apple's requirements
2.  Create podcasts connect account on or login with your apple ID
3. Enter your RSS feed link
4. If there are no issues, click on submit to send your podcast to Apple for review
5. Wait untill Apple sends you an e-mail that your podcast is approved.
Google podcasts
Method: DIY
1. Verify if your podcast meets Googles requirements
2.  Go to the Google Play Music Podcast portal.
3. Select publish and wait
4. Accept terms of service
5.  Enter your RSS feed link
6. review your podcast info
7. Select 'publish podcast'
Amazon Music
Method: DIY
Step 1: Have a podcast
Step 2: Find the RSS feed code of that podcast as you will need when signing up to Amazon Music
Step 3: Go to
Step 4: Scroll down and click on the hyperlink found on the line which reads "Have a podcast? Submit it to Amazon Music here."
Step 5: Fill out the form and when requested, enter the RSS feed code that you found earlier
Step 6: Wait for Amazon to approve your podcast 
Step 7: Enjoy!