Additional Metadata Style Guide instructions

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Titles must not include additional information unless it is needed to identify the content. 
New York Eye & Ear ControlNew York Eye & Ear Control (1964Includes release Date
I'll Be Walking Alone in a Crowd12. I'll Be Walking Alone in a Crowd Includes track number
Dawns Welcome to the Club (feat. RickyJ)Dawns Welcome to the Club - Album (feat. Ricky J) Includes "Album"
Campus Girl - SingleCampus Girl (Produced By T.J. Douglas) - SingleIncludes additional information at the album level 
ShadowShadow - Rock Top 40 Indie PopIncludes search terms 
Draw The LineAerosmith - Draw The LineIncludes artist information

Singles. An album will be identified as a single if it contains one to three songs that are less than 10 minutes each.  

One-Track Products. One-track products must have matching album and track titles, including any parentheses or brackets. The only exception is the addition of “- Single” in the album title. Additionally, all artist information for one-track products must be consistent across the album and track levels.
Album Title                Busy Earnin’ - Single 
Track Title                 Busy Earnin’ 

EPs. An album must be identified as an EP if it has:
  • One to three songs with one song at least 10 minutes long and a total running time of 30 minutes or less
  • Four to six songs with a total running time of 30 minutes or less
    Note “- EP” will be added automatically. 
Generic Titles. Do not use generic titles, such as Track 1, Track 2, or Instrumental, unless they are the actual titles of the tracks or ringtones. 
Multiple Albums and Tracks. Multiple album or track titles in the title field must be separated by a slash. Note that you must place a space before and after the slash.
Album Title         The Sunset Sleeps / Hometown Gypsy - Single
Album Title         Blonde on Blonde / Blood on the Tracks / Time out of Mind 
Silent, Hidden, and Ghost Tracks must be clearly labelled in the track title.
Silent TrackOutro (Silent Track)
Hidden TrackA Rockin' Good Way (feat. Maceo Parker) [Hidden Track]
Ghost TrackOpen My Eyes (Ghost Track) 

Track Version Information. All track titles performed by the same artist on an album must be unique, except for different versions of the same track that are differentiated by Parental Advisory tags. To differentiate multiple versions of the same track title, use terms in parenthesis or brackets such as:
  • Live
  • Radio Edit
  • Instrumental
  • Japanese Orgel
  • Extended Version
  • Single Version
  • Cover Version 
 Use of “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition.” Titles must not contain terms like “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition,” because the titles are a permanent part of the content. The “Exclusive” or “Limited Edition” claim may only apply for a limited time. 

References to Physical or Digital Content or Content Not Included. Titles must not include explanatory terms that refer to the digital or physical format of the content. For example, titles must not include:
• E-Release
• Digital Only
• Digital Download
• Digital Single
• E-Album
• 2 CD set
• With Lyrics 
Unnecessary Version Information. The standard, original version of an album or track must not include any additional information in the track title. For example, titles must not include:
  • Album Version
  • Original Version
  • Previously Unreleased
  • Reissue
  • Original Mix 
Album Version Information. If an album has been rereleased or if multiple versions of one album exist, use the album title version to indicate how the version differs from the original recording.
Title Version
25th Anniversary Edition
Bonus Version
Rerecorded Version
1969 Version
Deluxe Version

Live Content. If the audio is from a live recording, the title version must be indicated as “Live.” Territory specific versions (”Ao Vivo” in Portuguese, and “En Vivo” or “En Directo” in Spanish) should be used. Do not use “Live” for Standup / Comedy albums.
Bonus, Deluxe, or Extended Versions. If an album offers more content than the standard version of the album (for example, extra tracks or a bonus video), indicate the difference in the title. 
Bonus Track versionSadecessary (Bonus Track Version) 
Deluxe EditionThe Endless River (Deluxe Edition) 
Extended VersionTear the Roof Up (Extended Version) 
Bonus Video VersionMi Quimera (Bonus Video Version) 
Bonus Digital Booklet VersionFallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows (Bonus Digital Booklet Version)
Audio VersionCelebrate - Live At the SSE Hydro Glasgow (Audio Version) 
Performance, Backing, and Split Tracks. If a track is a performance track, backing track, or split track, that information must be included in the title.
Performance Track With Background VocalsSometimes I Cry (Performance Track with Background Vocals)
Backing TrackWhat Is Life (Backing Track)
Split TrackYour Everlasting Love (Split Track)

Rerecorded Versions. If a track is rerecorded, the track title must include “Rerecorded.” Please Note: A rerecorded track may be hidden for editorial reasons!
Album TitleIn the Still of the Night (Rerecorded Version)
Track TitleIn the Still of the Night (Rerecorded
Album TitleThe Legend of the Drifters (Rerecorded Version)
Track TitleTrack Title Stand by Me (Rerecorded)
 Remastered Versions
. If a track is remastered in a way that is significant or meaningfully differentiates it from other non-remastered versions available, the track title version can include “Remastered.” 

Multiple Version References. Content that requires multiple explanatory references in the title (for example, live EPs, soundtracks, live albums, and so on), must have the first explanatory reference enclosed in parentheses (”( )”) with any additional references enclosed in brackets (”[ ]”). 
Track TitleAll of Me (Tiësto’s Birthday Treatment Remix) [Radio Edit]
Track TitleNumb (feat B. o. B. & Yo Gotti) [Bonus Track]
Track Title(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave (In the Style of Martha Reeves)

Album Subtitle Formatting. Titles and subtitles should be separated by a colon. Don’t use a hyphen or dash unless that’s the format used on the album cover.
Album TitleA Total Embrace: The Composer
Album TitleOn the Air: Her Greatest TV Performances
Album TitleRound Midnight: The Complete Blue Note Singles (1947-1952)