How to create a new release in the portal/web interface?

We have a new content portal and release builder available for you at: This replaces the old web portal/release wizard on our website. A comprehensive manual is currently being written for it, but if you experience any issues navigating the new portal in the meantime, please contact us at:
For a short version, please scroll down this page.
  • In digital distribution, a “release” is equal to an “album”, regardless of the number of tracks. An album or release could therefore also be a single or EP, i.e. any number of tracks grouped together into a distribution unit. In this document the terms “release” and “album” are used alternately where appropriate, but should be interpreted as the exact same thing.
  • A “basket” is a temporary container for tracks, in which to collect and arrange tracks to be converted into a release/album. You’re also free to use the basket functionality to group and compile collections of tracks for your own content management purposes, without converting them to releases afterwards.
Step by step:
1. Log in to the web interface:
  • Go to
  • Click on “Create” and log in with your credentials (e-mail address and password). You have received your credentials via e-mail when you started with us. These are the same as the ones you use when logging into the Content Editor and to download your statements.
2. Create a basket to hold the tracks for your release:
  • Create a new basket by clicking on the pull-down menu next to “Basket”and choose – new –
  • Specify a name for your basket, for instance the catalogue number for the release you are creating
  • Keep in mind to check whether this basket is and remains the current one during the compilation of your release
3. You can now add existing tracks from your own catalogue to this basket, or create new tracks.
A. Create new tracks (which are automatically placed in the current basket):
  • Click on “Create Track”
  • Drag the source audio (16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV file) from your local folder to the “Source Audio” field, or click on it to browse your local folders and select the source audio
  • Fill-in all mandatory fields in the form, making sure to follow the tips and directions that pop up
  • Click on “Create”
  • Create any further tracks for the release by clicking on “Create Track” again
Note: if the source audio file(s) cause(s) an error, please refer to:
B. Add existing tracks to the basket:
  • Use the search functionality on the top left of the page to find the tracks you want to add
  • Once you have located the track that you want to add to the release, click on the shopping basket icon to add it to the current basket
  • Repeat until finished
Note: make sure not to add tracks which are not part of your own catalogue!
Note: it's always possible to leave the portal and come back to baskets created earlier. Just choose the correct basket from the drop-down menu.

Done adding tracks? Now it's time to create the album.
4. Creating an album
  • In the “Create” screen, click on “Create an album”. Keep in mind that singles and EPs are also referred to as album in our system.
  • Fill-in all mandatory fields
  • Before you click on “Create”, make sure that the correct basket has been selected as the source for the tracks on the release
  • Make sure your Track List is in the correct runningorder. You can rearrange tracks by drag-and-drop and subsequently clicking “Auto renumber”, or renumbering them manually by entering the number in the T# column (and then clicking “Update sequence”)
  • Once done, click “Create”
Note: until you have clicked “Auto renumber” or “Update sequence”, the number in the T# column is leading to the actual track order, not the order in which the tracks appear on screen!
Note: marking tracks in the checkbox to the left allows you to delete them from the list.
  1. Log-in to the Portal:
  2. Go to "Create"
  3. Create a new basket and give it a relevant name (such as the
  4. Then choose "Create a track" and create all tracks, one after the other.
  5. The tracks are automatically added to the current basket
  6. Then choose "Create an album" and fill-in all necessary fields.
  7. Check if all tracks are there, in the correct running order.
  8. Click "Create". Done!
Congratulations! You have now created a release! What happens next?
The release will be processed through what we call "final polishing". If there are problems with the release or the data that you entered, you will be contacted by a member of our team. Otherwise, your release will be automatically delivered to the portals with the (daily) delivery run.
Directly after creating the album, you can still edit and modify your album by clicking on “Open in Content Editor”. This leads you to our Content Management System. If you have any questions about editing your tracks and releases in the Content Editor, please contact us. NOTE: only edit your materials in the CE directly after you created them. If you find you need to change something after a few hours, you should contact us first.