How to use The Source catalogue portal

How to use The Source catalogue portal

The Source catalogue portal can be used for content management by providers but the portal also allows public users to carry out basic searches by Title, Artist or Genre.

The portal can be reached at: the launch of the new The Source website (4th quarter 2012) this search functionality will be available on the homepage.

You can carry out a “Basic” search based on Title, Version, Artist, Movie and/or Show, or a “Keyword” search which includes the most common tags: Genre, Subgenre, Other Influences, Subject, Region and Instrument. Alternatively, a search using both fields is also possible.

By clicking “Advanced search” you are able to carry out specific searches in individual (Title, Artist, etc.) fields, or by combining multiple search criteria in more than one field (except “Rep. Code”).


The “Genre” and “Rec. version” (Recording Version) fields are pull down menus allowing you to select from the available entries.

After entering your search criteria and clicking the “Search” button, the system will search in four separate sections: Albums, Tracks, Visuals and Ringtones. The results are then displayed in the corresponding sections:



 For each type of content (Albums, Tracks, Visuals and Ringtones) the number of results is displayed in brackets. By clicking View more… you will get a dedicated page for the specific format.

 By clicking View more… on the “Tracks” section you will come to the following screen:



On this screen you have the following options:

Takes you back to the Main Results page with all other format results.

Offers you the option to sort by Title or Artist.

Allows you to set the amount of search results per page: 8, 16, 24, 48 or 96. Allows you to jump to a Title or an Artist that starts with that letter.

Allows you to skip up or down a page, and to also skip to the first or last page of a results list. The magnifying glass  gives you further details on a track and the play button  starts the clip.

The track details screen gives additional information about the track divided into four separate clickable tabs:

“General information”: Genre, (P) Line, Reporting Code, etc.:


“Properties”: Category, Recording Version, Channels, Main Genre and Subgenre.


“Contributors”: Recording Artist, Composers and Publisher.


“Descriptions” contains additional information such as liner notes, etc.

If you are checking information about a track, album, visual or ringtone, it is important to include the Reporting Code so that the correct track and version are displayed.

The album details screen displays the same four clickable tabs. Next to the four tabs, the album artwork is displayed and you will see the full track listing allowing you to play the track and access track details as explained above.


If you are a registered user you will have access to additional options and the possibility to build baskets.


To log on, click on the link in the upper-right corner of the screen:

The log-in screen will appear. Enter your username (E-mail) and Password.


By ticking the box ‘Remember Me’ your log in details will be remembered for your next log in.


After log in your username and a “Log Off” option will be visible:



As a registered user you are able to create baskets with additional tools available in the upper left corner of the screen.


You can use a basket to compile an album (or concept), select tracks for a license request or to request a master, a demo or label information. In order to compile a basket you must first create a new basket by selecting “– new – ” from the pull down menu:


Selecting “– new –” will activate a new window where you must specify a name for the basket. Please ensure you use a clear and unique name as in the current version of the catalogue portal you cannot modify the basket name.

After specifying the name and clicking “OK”, the name will be shown in the basket section:

The basket is now created and selected so you can add any items to this basket.

The most commonly used option is to add tracks to the basket. Tracks can be added based on an existing album or by specific track searches.

In order to add tracks to a basket, click on the shopping trolley to the right of the track. A green icon indicates that a track is not part of the basket. After selecting the track the icon will turn red. If you should select a track which is already in the basket, a dialogue box will appear:  Click “Cancel” or “OK” to confirm.


Another way to add tracks is to use the checkboxes to the left of the tracks. You can flag one or more tracks or you can flag the checkbox in the title bar which will select all tracks on your current screen. After selecting the tracks you want to add or delete from the basket you can use the options at the top of the window to submit your request:



After all required tracks have been added to the basket, you can select the basket by clicking:


This will show all tracks in the basket and allows you to modify the content of the basket.


Tracks can be removed by clicking the shopping basket icon.

Tracks can also be removed by tagging the checkbox and clicking:


The running order can be changed by dragging and dropping the tracks. This will also change the track sequence.

Disc No. (D#) and Track No. (T#) can also be changed manually. By clicking “Auto Renumber” the sequence will be updated.

When your basket is complete you can e-mail the basket name to your contact at The Source or submit it to us by creating a ticket at

You can also use our specifically designed forms to submit an album. Currently we have forms (as listed in the tabs) available for the following requests:


Each action will open up a new window allowing you to give additional information related to your request. We recommend you complete the forms with as much information as possible to guarantee a rapid turn around. Once the form is complete, click “Submit Form” to send your request.

License Request:                                                                 



Sync License Request:


 Submit as an album:                                                        



  Master Request:


The inclusion of any recordings on the portal does not represent or imply that we own or represent any particular rights to such recording.

Our rights to each recording are regulated by our agreements with repertoire owners on a recording by recording basis and such rights may be limited by territory, format, exclusivity, method of exploitation and term.

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