Unlawful Practices

The following practices are some of the practices currently considered unlawful by the Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and The Source:
  • Carrying out artificial streaming or other practices aimed at achieving non-organic increases in streaming or sales figures.
  • Misrepresenting or concealing the true nature of content and the correct and true extent of the suppliers rights, such as not identifying Public Domain recordings and claiming them as owned or controlled by the supplier.
  • Artificial streaming or similar illegitimate practices.
  • Delivering or attempting to deliver without the appropriate licence(s) content flagged by DSPs as “Delivery of Content Label Does Not Own”.
  • Delivering content containing uncleared samples.
  • Unlicensed “mix” or “mashup” recordings.
  • Delivering unlicensed speed or pitch altered recordings.
  • Delivering “Generic Sounds” or “Invalid Sounds” such as tracks or recordings that contain common or generic sounds (e.g. laughter, spoken word, clapping or sounds from the natural world, etc.) that are not eligible for fingerprinting on the platform and are delivered with the intent of generating royalties illegitimately. 
  • Delivering unlicenced User Generated Content (UGC) or Project Generated Content (PGC) also known as “Copycat” content such as rips or copies of trending sounds or recordings with the intention of diverting plays or streams from the original recordings or content which are owned by third party rightsholders.