How to apply for Social Media Profile Verification

NOTE: Social Media Verification is based on an editorial process. Your application is not guaranteed to succeed. Your request may be refused at all times, without any further correspondence.

We can apply for verification of your Social Media profiles only on Meta (formerly Facebook) branded platforms, i.e. your Facebook page and your Instagram profile. If approved by our editorial team and Meta itself, this will lead to the famous blue tick next to your profile name and various other perks.
Before applying you should make sure that you meet the requirements and are aware of the restrictions of this service.

We consider verification an extra service in addition to regular digital distribution, just like Content ID. If you are not (yet) eligible for Content ID or it has been blocked for you for whatever reason, you should assume you don't qualify for social media verification either. You also must have an excellent history working with us, no strikes against your content and operate in good faith.

Also, if you include fake or paid-for news articles about you, your artists or company in your request, you will definitively be denied.


  • You must have a spotless history with us: no copyright claims against your content, good faith behaviour on our platform, no excessive support requests or communication.
  • You must have at least 5,000 followers.
  • You must post at least monthly on average.
  • You must have access to our Content ID Service.
  • All your music on the platforms must have been delivered by The Source.
  • Your profile must be Authentic, Unique, Complete and Notable, according to Meta's guidelines: Please note that these guidelines are also valid for Facebook pages.

Application process:

If your profile meets these requirements you can request a verification badge by sending us an e-mail ( containing the following information:

  • "Instagram Profile Verification" and/or "Facebook Profile Verification" in the subject line.
  • Add a link to the profile(s) you want verified.
  • Include your provider name (the name on which you have an account with us) or email
  • Let us know what country or region you are most popular in.
  • If you have an alias, please add it.
  • Add 3 to 5 links from reputable sources (excluding paid promotion) showcasing your account as adhering to the guidelines above: Authentic, Unique, Complete and Notable.

Please note that there is no guarantee that our editorial team and Meta will accept your request and please allow for some time for us and Meta to process your request. Also, upon refusal of your request, no futher correspondence about the refusal will be answered.