When do I get a Royalty Statement

Royalty Statements

Royalties are processed per month and statements will become available within 45 days after the end of each month. Please realize that we only account actually received income for the period, not reported sales. Also the frequency we receive statements from the portals varies from monthly to bi-annual. Due to this the income can fluctuate per month. For an overview of reported sales you can use the royalty tool on the ContentEditor. Each accounting line shows the income status which can be:

Actual: Confirmed sales and money received (is accounted or will be accounted in the next period)

Trend: Not confirmed sales but only reported as trend sales.

Pending: Confirmed sales but money has not been received.

Regarding Trend details please understand they are for directional purposes only and should not be considered or used as official financial records. All foreign currencies have been re-calculated back to euro’s. This is done using a global exchange rate. Official statements could be different as at that point we apply the applicable exchange rate. Click here for details instructions on coversheets and statements.