NOTE: Delivery to Snapchat ("Snap") is fulfilled by 7Digital. If you set your release to be delivered to 7Digital, it will automatically be forwarded to Snap as well. However, please note that for reasons of publishing clearance, Snap will limit ingestion in its Music Service to repertoire written by writers who are members of U.S. Performance Rights Organisations only. Therefore, if the songwriter of your track is not a member of an American PRO, your track will not become available on Snap. There is no recourse against this and we are not able to ask Snap to make an exception for you.


Quick Summary: Snap owns and operates the online properties Snapchat, Bitmoji and Zenly totalling more than 250 million daily active users worldwide.

Service types: ContentID

Active Users: 249 Million users

Accepts: Audio

Operational in: Worldwide

Location: 2772 Donald Douglas, Loop North Santa Monica, CA 90405 United States USA

Description and history: Snap is currently limited to the U.S. but will extend to more territories.