Primephonic is no longer active as a standalone brand but has been taken over by Apple. For the moment, you cannot choose Primephonic as a separate destination outlet in the Release Builder.


Quick Summary: Primephonic is a modern digital streaming plaform for classical music with about 50k users in the UK, US and the Netherlands.

Service types: Subscriptions

Active Users: 50 thousand

Accepts: Audio

Operational in: Worldwide

Location: Professor Tulpstraat 18, 1018 HA Amsterdam 

Description and history: On our platform classical music lovers can finally stream and download nearly all classical music that has ever been recorded in CD-quality, an ever-expanding catalogue of over a million recorded tracks; they can seamlessly find back-ground information on the works, composers and artists they listen to; they get works recommended daily that they do not know yet, but will love. Classical music lovers can also instantly compare multiple recordings of their favorite works and they can listen to nearly all labels' monthly new releases. They can also connect globally with likeminded classical music lovers and share their passion for the genre.