How to download royalty statements from

Before you get started: 
  • ensure your browser is running Javascript
  • ensure your browser is set to accept cookies from
  • ensure you have your The Source login information available.
> To download royalty statements from you first need to log in using the same username and password as used for the Content Editor. You can do this using the "Partner login console" on the homepage, or the login form on the Catalogue tab.
> Once you are logged in you will be redirected to Catalogue >> Manage
    In some cases you may be redirected to a different page. If this happens use the tabs at the top of the website page to navigate to the Manage screen.
> In the Manage screen click Royalty reports
> In the Royalty Reports screen you can view a list of all available reports by clicking Get Reports. You can filter the returned results by typing all or part of the Termset Shortcode or Accounting Period in the appropriate field of the form.
In the list of available reports click on the link of the report type you want to generate. Depending on the size of the report this may take a few moments to be generated. You can generate multiple reports at the same time.
The link you have clicked on will change to Download on completion. Once it appears, click this link to download the report.

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