What is a Cover letter / Balance sheet

Cover Letter

As per the October 2010 statements we have introduced cover letters. The cover letter shows you the status of your account. It shows the opening balance for this statement period, all transactions and the closing balance. Transactions can be royalty payments, allowed deductions, income and corrections from previous accounting periods. If necessary, we can summarize multiple statements to one cover letter. Should you wish to have your multiple statements summarized, please e-mail support@the-source.eu.

Please note that income for previous income has been summarized on the first coversheet which is for the period 10-09. As this has been a manual process human errors are possible. In case you notice (or think you notice) incorrect data please e-mail support@the-source.eu so we can clarify or fix the sheet for the next period.

Click here for details instructions on coversheets and statements.

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